Eight things that attracts mosquitoes to bite you

Eight Things That Attracts Mosquitoes To Bite You.

New research has revealed that mosquitoes prey on their victims due to a number of factors .

They also say that the species of mosquitoes you are exposed to can determine whether or not you are going to be bitten.

So , why do mosquitoes bite you ? These reasons…

• Beer . Some studies reveal that mosquitoes are attracted to beer drinkers , though this is only relevant to one type of mosquito.

• Type O Blood. If you have Type O blood running through your veins , you ’ re prime candidate for mosquito bites ! Research published in the Journal of Medical Entomology found that mosquitoes were 83 . 3 percent more likely to land on type O carriers than type A carriers . Again, this appears to apply to one particular species of mosquito .

• Pregnancy . In 2003 , an experiment was conducted in eastern Sudan to see if mosquitoes were more attracted to pregnant women than non – pregnant women . The results , published on NCBI, found that out of the 18 women , the nine pregnant women attracted significantly more mosquitoes , especially ones that were carrying malaria . This could be because of raised temperature and how women ’ s body odour changes during pregnancy . Again, only one species of mosquito is attracted to pregnant women .

• Gender . Interestingly, only female mosquitoes bite, as the nutritional value of blood helps develop their eggs . They also seem to prefer to bite more men, but women are more badly affected by a bite. Women reportedly get bigger and itchy bites , but men are more likely to be attacked .

• Genes . There is also the belief that mosquitoes could be attracted to you because of your genetic make- up . An indicator of this could be if you have a bad reaction to a bite, such as the size of the bite or the intensity of the itchiness.

• Carbon dioxide . This one is quite hard to avoid , as your body naturally produces around 2 . 3 pounds of carbon dioxide a day , which is breathed out through your lungs . Well , you have to breathe , so you can ’ t avoid mosquito bites by withholding your breath . Good news, though: Mosquitoes tend to prefer people who emit more than the standard levels of carbon dioxide— a situation that is common among pregnant women and overweight people.

• Lactic acid . Mosquitoes love the lactic acid that the body produces when you work out. The acid is released as you sweat , making you a prime target , especially if you are hot and tired.

• Bacteria. If you have lots of different bacteria on your skin , mosquitoes will be less attracted to you . The chemicals that build up your natural smell could repel them. A study published in PLOS showed that a group of people with a more diverse colony of bacteria were less likely to attract mosquitoes , than those with less .

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